I've waited a long time for this life, just to ruin it.

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Student folk! Student folk! Hear ye, hear ye etc etc. I am looking for someone to assist me on a nice trip to the National Wizarding Library in London. I need to find me some books for some researchy bits I'm doing to distract me from the mundaneness that is teaching you lot. So if anyone wants to come give me a hand, throw yourself in my direction. It'll...look good? Can't offer you anything more than that.

Failing that. Do any of the staff folk want to be my servant for the day? well?*

*actually, I don't.*
**in fact, it's not just that I don't pay well, I don't pay at all.***
*** You can stop looking at me like that, I have children to feed****
****For your information, I keep them in a small menagarie between the Ancient Runes and Arithmancy offices.*****
*****For your own safety. Do not feed the children.

one last thing before I shuffle off the planet.

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It's a nice feeling, the sense of numbing inevitability that whatever you do, you're going to hell. Great sense of freedom, somehow.

no homework, this week, kiddos. I'll save you the trouble. Everyone deserves a break, and you've done a lot of hard work recently without me.

Oh, and if anyone's seen the friar, send him in my direction, if ye please.

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take a leaf of paper, draw your mind.

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I'm alive and kicking. Or just alive and lounging around with books and cigarettes. It's how I roll. Which is a little sad, as I think even Flitwick has more of a life than me as I haven't seen him around here in weeks. Or the ghosts. Are the ghosts on holiday this weekend, cause they're not here either?

Sometimes in this castle, I just shrug and accept.

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